destruction creation

at the end of the second week (pregnancy week 26) the demolition is mostly finished.  we have removed the perimeter walls in the main house, some of the interior walls, the kitchen/dining room floor, and the chimney.  here are some before and after shots.

so far no surprises, other than extra holes in the floor!  putting down a new subfloor will help to tighten up the house and eliminate drafts.  this week we will add supporting columns in the basement and sister some of the beams.  this will help to remove the “springiness” from the ground floor and reduce sagging.  also this week we will reframe the perimeter walls.  those exposed studs (in the first demo photo above) will be removed and a beam from the barn will be inserted where that wall had been.

the chimney has come down, and the bricks will be repurposed (someday) as a patio.  The char marks on the bricks are telling.

2 Comments on “destruction creation”

  1. ann says:

    i love seeing the pics of the process! will see real thing Oct 2!!

  2. bam says:

    OH be still my heart, david and becc. i feel the yoke on your shoulders as you bear this construction load. because i know you, because i have spent a lifetime watching you create, carve the beautiful, i can see in those images of studs, flashes into the not-so-far-away day when it will be serene, your newest creation. it will be the place i have so long dreamed of for you, for your two children (be still my heart again to type those words…..), for your whole flock of creativity and birth-giving, life-giving. you are on your way….i pray mightily day in and day out to add strength to your already strong and driven goal. you are building home. your most sacred construction yet — save for your marriage, and your blessed holy children. love from not so far down the shore. xoxoxo

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