Twenty-five years and 5 surgeries later I’m still healing from an accident which changed my life. Two friends died in a car accident and I was spared. I walked away. I did not know that both of my feet were injured and continued to not know until 13 years later when arthritis and bone spurs brought intense pain when I walked.

A lot of life has happened in 25 years. I am married to an incredible partner and have 2 beautiful, strong-willed, compassionate and creative children. I have a fulfilling career where I try to connect with and support others on their paths to healing and recovery.

Surgery 3 weeks ago removed 2 screws which have been keeping my left, big toe joint from bending. I feel compelled to use these objects in some way that transforms them from what they were into something new. I’m still trying to make sense of what happened so long ago and here is another opportunity to try.


4 Comments on “Destruction/Creation”

  1. John Mahany says:

    Beautiful, Becca, thanks for sharing!! love, hugs and prayers!! You are the best!! Uncle John

  2. bam says:

    oh, honey! this is so brave, and so beautiful. and so true to how you live your whole life — you make art, make beauty of all that befalls you. even when you do so with once-broken heart. i love you. so so much. xoxox

  3. ann bragdon says:

    thanks for sharing…..I too will keep my screws when they are removed

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