My toddler likes the sound of ripping paper.  It took me quite a few book burials to realize this. However since my epiphany (several melt downs later) we have turned our attention to a strongly loved freezer box in the middle of her room. After we took delivery of a chest freezer, the box became a playhouse.  We made a door, cut windows, stuck stickers, and made marks.  Next E, our daughter, decided it should lie on its side.  This worked for quite some time, allowing her access from more than one spot.  Soon most of her toy and stuffed animal collection could be found in there.

Once on its side, the box also worked as a slide.  Such fun! Well, the poor structure is nearly collapsed as the slide phase pretty much wore it out.

E’s latest desire to rip and shred has helped us identify another use for the box while also addressing how books are for reading. Now we stop our talk and listen to the sound of the paper as it separates and tears. What happens when the box is shredded?  I guess we’ll figure that out when we get there – together.

One Comment on “Compromising”

  1. barbara says:

    hmmm, sounds like maybe time for papier mache??? that could be super fun, soon as you can put the bucket of goo outside to keep from superslop all over the house. xoxoxox mother of invention, eh????

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