Emotions as Central: John Medina’s “Brain Rules for Baby”

Emotions must be central

Parents face many issues on a daily basis in the raising of kids, but not all of them affect how their children will turn out.  There is one that does.  How you deal with the emotional lives of your children – your ability to detect, react to, promote, and provide instruction about emotional regulation – has the greatest predictive power over your baby’s future happiness.

Fifty years of research, from Diana Baumrind and Haim Ginott to Lynn Katz and John Gottman, have come to this conclusion…The critical issue is your behavior when your children’s emotions become intense…enough to push you out of your comfort zone.  Here are the six spices that go into this parental rub:

  • a demanding but warm parenting style
  • comfort with your own emotions
  • tracking your child’s emotions
  • verbalizing emotions
  • running towards emotions
  • two tons of empathy

3 Comments on “Emotions as Central: John Medina’s “Brain Rules for Baby””

  1. Mom says:

    This is very good. One can only wish that we parents had been as smart as you are.

  2. barbara says:

    i love this. love it. i have dedicated my life to living this, day in and day out. there’ve been moments aplenty when i failed—too tired, too stressed, too end-of-the-day. but if there is one thing i set out to do, consciously stopped and sat and thought and made a promise to myself, the universe and my unborn children, it was that i would never ever run and hide from their emotional landscapes…….
    and speaking of that my little one just yelped that a bird ran into the window and he is in distress and we will go tend to him together…….xoxox

  3. knowledge and intention is what it’s about – lord knows there are long, long days and patience runs short!

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