Won’t Find These at the Grocery Store


Thanks Farmer Martha!  Bless those girls…

4 Comments on “Won’t Find These at the Grocery Store”

  1. barbara says:

    bless those girls indeed! that is voluptuous art up above, in that bumpy carton. i can taste the deliciousness all the way from here. and oh, i am hungry. xoxoxoxxoxo

  2. barbara says:

    hullo, it’s me again. but i realized i have a question: which one did ella pick first? i ALWAYS go for the auracanas (sp?!?!?!) the blush-blue ones…..you are so blessed you three and your communion of fellow kindred souls…..wishing i could stroll down the lane, and through your garden gate this morn. we could bake, and talk, and decide which egg we liked the best. xoxox

  3. great question! she wants ALL of them at the same time…so i’m afraid i am the one who selects! i too wish you could come for a visit and a snack. miss you

  4. papa d says:

    this morning she wanted another scrambled egg. i offered her choice, and she chose the largest one.

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