“Practice the Art of Caring”

Oh beloved sister Barb just sent my daughter a box, FILLED with the most beautiful of healing gifts. I’m afraid by the time I got to my camera, the items had dispersed, but I was able to pull a few together to try and capture the flavor.  Barb’s note to her niece, a loving guide on how to “soothe her mama, and practice the art of caring” – as only Barb can say:

“A comfort kit for Ella to soothe her mama, and practice the art of caring.  Inside you’ll find tucked:

A yummy washcloth & towel: now, to rinse mama’s face and hands & arms. Later, for Ella to wash herself, or to wash her babies.

A red plate: for breakfast, or just a cookie in bed; in our house the red plate comes out for ALL special moments. A tradition.

Soothing lotions & balms: for lips & skins.

Pretty tissues: in case mama needs a tissue.

Magic tea: because a cup of tea, especially a magic one, fixes nearly everything.

A fairy light & bee’s wax candles: for twinkling light in the room; can be hung inside or on a tree.

Baking cups: for when mama’s better & baking time is here.

Pumpkin lollipops: for ella & her mama, to lick side by side.

I love you Ella. Thank you for helping me to soothe your mama.”

What a beautiful lesson.  Thank you Auntie Baps.

One Comment on ““Practice the Art of Caring””

  1. barbara says:

    bless your heart, bless it, bless it. there is an art to receiving a gift, and you practice it beautifully. xoxox i love the image of ella being a practitioner of healing arts……like her mama…

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