“Confrontation with the Unconscious”

C.G. Jung’s Liber Novus or the Red Book is a recently published documentation of his “self experiment” from 1913-1930 where he attempted to translate his emotions into images.  It is believed that this nearly two decades of inquiry, became the basis of his later works.  After his death, the book was considered by the family to be private until a new committee of executives decided (due to the way in which Jung was addressing the reader) it was in fact intended to be shared.

The book itself is oversized, must weigh 5 lbs and is not by any means a quick, light read!  It is however a beautifully rendered account of his quest for insight, both visually and through text. Sonu Shamdasani, Mark Kyburz and John Peck provide notes and translation.  The below photos are from this 2009, Foundation of the Works of C.G. Jung text.

4 Comments on ““Confrontation with the Unconscious””

  1. Jane says:

    B – Can Dad read the German ? Gorgeous calligraphy… xoxo M

  2. barbara says:

    so inspiring to see printed pages where beauty was so essential. looks gorgeous indeed. do you have?

  3. Yes, have on loan from library! Need help moving it from on spot to the next!

  4. Annamarie Behring says:

    So beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

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