Memory Game for Kids

Save gift paper scraps!  They’re always great for collages but in this case, memory games too.  I cut blue card-stock for the background paper, glued the pictures down, then covered with contact paper.

2 Comments on “Memory Game for Kids”

  1. Jane says:

    Wonderful…did you make what looks like a quilt? Gad. Very clever, B, as always.

  2. barbara says:

    oh, man, this is BRILLIANT!!!! it’s like you are peeking into chapters wayyyyyyy down the road. but you somehow intuitively know what to do. exercising memory is one of the most essential skills for growing new neurons, making synapses connect. and the breathtaking thing is what you do NOW will pay back forever. setting down a rich inter-web. and you make it delightful. i might order up a set from the art FARM creativity mill. and we had to pay someone to tell us to get going in this department. you, way way ahead…..xoxpx

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