Farm Day

Pregnant mama Mia

Learning how to milk

A two day old calf

Collecting eggs

Learning to use gentle hands

6 Comments on “Farm Day”

  1. Jane says:

    Gorgeous !!! Go, E. She is braver than I ever was …..

  2. auntie baPs says:

    BREATH-taking. seriously. the art and simple titles. “learning gentle hands.” becc, david, you are such magnificent teachers.
    and might i mention i was exhausted for mama mia? her bony tired self holding up all that load?!?!?! oh geez. and that two-day-old calf, how very very beautiful. xoxoxoxox

  3. Laurie LeBreton says:

    In my next life I’m going to be your child.

  4. ann bragdon says:

    Great pictures! pineland farms???

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