Homemade Chicken Nuggets with Beet Puree Batter

Here is a fabulous recipe (and one we’ve had great success with our increasingly picky eater) from Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious, Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food.

1 C whole-wheat, white, or panko (Japanese) breadcrumbs

1/2 C flaxseed meal

1 Tb grated Parmesan

1/2 tsp paprika

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp onion powder

1 C broccoli or spinach or sweet potato or beet puree (easy to make ahead of time when produce is fresh, then freeze in small batches until you’re ready to use)

1 large egg, lightly beaten

1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breast or tenders, rinsed, dried, and cut into small chunks

1/2 tsp salt

non-stick cooking spray

1 Tb olive oil

1. In a bowl, combine the breadcrumbs, flaxseed meal, Parmesan, paprika, garlic and onion powder, mixing well with fingers.

2.In a shallow bowl, mix the vegetable puree and egg with a fork and set the bowl next to the breadcrumb mixture.

3. Sprinkle the chunks with the salt. Dip the chunks into the egg mixture and then toss them in the breadcrumbs until completely coated.

4. Coat a large nonstick skillet with cooking spray and set over medium-high heat. When the skillet is hot, add the oil. Place the chicken nuggets in the skillet in a single layer, bring careful not to crowd the pan and cook until crisp and golden on one side, 3-4 minutes. Then turn and cook until the chicken is cooked through, golden brown and crisp all over, 4-5 minutes longer. (Cut into a piece to check that it’s cooked through.) Serve warm.

-I find it makes sense to make a large batch at once and then freeze individual servings for your little one.  This makes for an easy, quick and healthy meal.

3 Comments on “Homemade Chicken Nuggets with Beet Puree Batter”

  1. bmahany says:

    oh, man, this is truly amazing. my eyes nearly popped out when i read the words “increasingly picky eater,” since i think of your sweet girl as one of the more adventurous on the planet. this has to be one of the coolest kid recipes i have ever ever seen. amazing. xoxoxo

  2. ann bragdon says:

    i have that cookbook too, especially like the lazagna that calls for sweet potato in it,

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