All Things Nutcracker

Our daughter’s third birthday is around the corner so OF COURSE there’s a Nutcracker theme. Since she saw the performance in November, she has been twirling, arabesque-ing, and leaping everywhere she goes.

We even took her to Swan Lake this past Saturday which further expanded her little world.  I’ve now got Tchaikovsky on my iPhone so we can roll around the grocery store to the tunes. Here are several photos of what David and I are putting together for her day.

Nutcracker assembly line – some table top nutcrackers…and larger one to poke your head in!

Army of Mice and Mouse King

6 Comments on “All Things Nutcracker”

  1. ann bragdon says:


  2. laurielebreton says:

    I’m coming!

  3. Barbara Mahany says:

    How wonderful !!!Please save a place for me,I will be there in spirit.Oma

  4. bam says:

    oh my lordy! well, as the mother of a boy whose uncle david once built a hot-air balloon birthday party that no one will ever forget, i am not one bit surprised to see the army of mice and nutcrackers coming to life. oh, we wish we could be there. you are stoking an imagination for life, let the nutcrackers twirl. one blessed girl, all right. xoxox

  5. Annamarie Behring says:

    This is so cool. And I love the picture of her dancing!

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