Worry Dolls

This month I am fortunate to provide enrichment groups for some K-5th grade students at a nearby elementary school.  The principal shared with me her concern for some of the students and issues of anxiety.  Many factors can contribute to a child’s feelings of anxiety such as troubles at home, social issues, academics and a million others.  I got to thinking about Guatemalan Worry Dolls.  The legend goes that before you go to bed, you whisper one worry to each doll then put them under your pillow. While you are sleeping, the dolls will take away your worries.

Emma Hardy has a wonderful “Peg Dolls” project from her Green Crafts for Children. Using wooden clothing pegs, fabric scraps, yarn, marker, scissors and glue, we will create worry dolls to help the children find an outside place to put their concerns.

The process of creating these dolls is cathartic and soothing, in addition to the use of the dolls once completed.  For example, the repetition of wrapping can help to settle a racing mind.

5 Comments on “Worry Dolls”

  1. bam says:

    sweet B, i need one of these. how perfect. when i was little i made a whole house for such babies, dreaming of room upon room. i don’t think i’m too old at all to have one tucked beneath my pillow. and in each of my pockets. i love making dolls. worry dolls are what the doctor would order….

  2. bam says:

    p.s. how blessed are those children to have you in their midst. how bless are all the children who have you in their midst….

  3. ann bragdon says:


  4. krista says:

    I love them! So colorful and beautifully crafted:)

  5. Oma says:

    I can’t wait to make a doll.I wish I had know about
    them years ago.Thank heaven I still have clothes pins.

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