Community Children’s Garden

Several community garden members and one Board member got together on Saturday to help plot out the Children’s Garden. We planted strawberries, pumpkins, lamb’s ear, mint, a lavender bush, tomatoes, a creeping onion and bean seeds.  A small butterfly bush will soon be added.  The lay out of the garden and walkway was designed to appeal to children’s senses and create easy interaction as they move throughout the space.  Brushing the mint and lavender will release aromas, and the tomatoes, beans and strawberries on the outer edges will let children easily pick from the sides of the bed.

My daughter and I added painted rock critters this morning – two butterflies and one beetle.  We will make several more soon.

3 Comments on “Community Children’s Garden”

  1. michelle says:

    Great fashionable black coat for gardening. Would love to find one of those in a big girl’s size.

  2. bmahany says:

    i love, first of all, that sweet E farms in her “little black dress,” quite the elegant farmer. and i love that there is a children’s community plot. one that they can “own” and tend and embellish with their art rocks. it seems, with every passing day, that you have sunk your roots into quite a rich corner of the earth. xoxo

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