“Song to Groom and Bride”, Sappho

It is common these days to speak of your “partner” or your “significant other.”  Very practical.  I wonder, though, if we haven’t traded bliss for the quotidian, and lost much in the exchange.

Isn’t the essence of love to melt and merge, to reach bliss, even an enduring and seasoned bliss, where “other” is lost?  To be sure, balance requires the distinction of two, while endurance demands the solidity of one.  It is love, pure and simple, that soaring arrow, aimed high, which arches gracefully toward the apex.

When did we let go of a “love affair?”  How have we lost use of that glorious phrase?  Let us travel that path now, and let Sappho be our guide.  Over the next few blogs, we will listen to her songs, beginning here with “Song to the Groom and Bride.”

Happy groom,

your marriage you prayed for

has happened.

You have the virgin bride

of your prayer.

You the bride

are a form of grace,

your eyes honey.

Desire rains on your exquisite face.

Afroditi has honored you exceedingly.

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