Dinner Interrupted


Last night, as we prepared to eat dinner on the porch, our neighbor Steve came walking down the magical path to our house.  He told us that there was at least one quart of red raspberries waiting to be picked on the canes growing behind his house.  That was a call to arms!

Our four-year old daughter E loves picking berries, and so this offer was the equivalent of Halloween and Christmas combined, in August.  We quickly finished our dinner and then E and I ran down the path to Steve’s house.

Like little Sal in the famous story “Blueberries for Sal,” E eats 10 berries for every one she puts into the bucket.  Which was not a problem here.


Before too long, she decided to run back home while I continued to fill up the bucket.  There was blueberry pie waiting for dessert.  Early August in Maine!


3 Comments on “Dinner Interrupted”

  1. bam says:

    gorgeous photos……sal captured the spirit of a lifetime of berry-pickers….

  2. Wendy Hebb says:

    thank you for such peaceful pleasurable words.

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    • Papa R says:

      Ella’s great-grandmother Elinor was an avid gardener. Black raspberries numbered among the fruits of her labors when I was a boy. One year produced a record 50 quarts. You can imagine the jars of jam put up, the quantities devoured raw with milk or cream and the incredible flummery puddings, after giving tons away to friends and neighbors. Elinor took her gardening seriously; having taken a summer gardening course following college. I suspect she put the same intellectual effort into gardening that she did in her studies of German literature.

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