Spontaneous Art Making – 101

Just before bed time last night, our daughter was inspired to make her 1 year old brother a pirate boat out of wood. In the basement wood shop she had her first lesson with her dad on using power tools. Furious that there was no time left to paint the boat before going to bed, we urged her to come up with a color plan. We drew a picture of a boat and encouraged her to plan out her colors. Off she went to bed and continued to draw, filling her notebook with countless drawings of pirate boats. Today, she had her first color mixing lesson and finished the boat. A most charming experience to watch.IMG_4391IMG_4395IMG_4400

4 Comments on “Spontaneous Art Making – 101”

  1. Oma says:

    Amazing,even a flag with the pirates symbol.It will
    be wonderful in the tub…Lucky Milo

  2. Mary Angino says:

    I just love the pirate boat, and the entire process to get to the finished product!!! Well done!!! Adore what you both do with the 2 children !!!

  3. bam says:

    has anyone told you lately that you are magnificent parents? because you are.
    now if only the millions of children growing up rudderless could be parented at the art farm, the world would be a more beautiful color-blocked place. love you both.

  4. Michael says:

    I love the high creativity level in your home! And the urgent creative business that came up–coincidentally?–right before bedtime.!. A colorful tale.

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