Inspiring Gifts

My daughter received some beautiful, wooden play items from sweet Auntie Baps for Christmas. During E’s pretend cooking session, she explained to me that she needed to put the milk bottles in the refrigerator.

We pulled out some cardboard scraps, hot glue gun and went to work.  I did the cutting and gluing while she stayed close and watched.

And if you’re going to have a refrigerator, you have to have an oven…

2 Comments on “Inspiring Gifts”

  1. Jane says:

    Oh my goodness…..I will share here …. !

  2. auntie baPs says:

    oh my goodness gracious! so so so lovely. what you can do with a piece of cardboard. i love the picture (in my head) of her sticking close and watching intently. i imagine she was mesmerized. i know i would have been. “look, mama is making magic. mama can make ANYTHING!!!!!!!”

    gifts beyond gifts you have….you are…….

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