Creative With the Cousins

We spent the holidays with E’s cousins (beautiful, smart girls aged 9 and 11) who were up visiting from Florida.  We gave them some Sculpey Clay for Chistmas and they created some fun objects for E to play with.The great thing about Sculpey is its availability, relatively low price, broad range of colors, and ease of baking at home (make sure you follow directions closely).

Cherry Pie, Finger Puppet, Rose, Apple

Multicolored Bracelet

4 Comments on “Creative With the Cousins”

  1. isabelle and simone says:

    we LOVED the sculpey clay you got us !!! we have been making more stuff everyday!THANK YOU!!!!!!!! love from the cousins

  2. And I LOVED watching you create and share. What a joy to be together. Let’s start counting the minutes until next time. Send me photos of your creations whenever you’d like and I will post them here. Love to you, Auntie Bec

  3. krista says:

    I love the close up with the finger puppet on E’s hand……wicked cute!

  4. auntie baPs says:

    that little pie makes me want to go out and buy me some sculpey! these pix take me back to long ago… the creativity up down and sideways…..

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