…for us: self sustaining, small footprint, resilience, listening to the land, freedom of choice and teaching our children about consequences, being connected to community, sharing our surplus, growing forward.

4 Comments on “Independence…”

  1. and keeping in touch with your friends!

    Wendy Hebb Program Director Maine Grain Alliance cell: 207-620-0697

    Join Our Email: Kneading Conference Join Our Email: Kneading Conference West

  2. bam says:

    magnificent! just took my breath away. love the banners!!!!! love the garden. love the white house. love YOU. xoxox

  3. Beautiful picture and lovely words as well. Hope you all are great. Annamarie

  4. r neumann says:

    Broadcasting from local library at the moment in an effort to keep cool and am taking advantage of their high-speed internet connection to view your recent postings. My what the passing of a season or two can do for your garden of verses.

    Papa R

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