Late June

Five Weeks Later (see May 10th posting)

                           Snap Peas



                        More arugula to the left, snaps up top and carrots in center

                         A little green thumb inspects her first carrot tops

                        Some tomato starters from Farmer Martha

Our Garden is Growing

Onion starters in foreground, snap peas mid-way and mixed greens and arugula at far end!

Planting Seeds

This weekend we planted spinach, sugar snap and carrot seeds and transplanted our mixed green and arugula sprouts.  In another month or so we will plant cucumber, patty pan squash, brussel sprout and pumpkins seeds along with tomato starters. Farmer Martha has some extra eggplant starters so we’ll add those to the collection. Our little one walked around saying “Good hepper (helper), good hepper”.

Building Our Garden Together

Taking turns making marks

Working together to turn the soil

Prepping the wood to raise the bed

Picking up yard of compost

Working the compost into the soil

One more yard of soil and we’ll be ready to plant seeds

Day 11- arugula and mixed greens

Breaking Ground

Day 4 – arugula and mixed green sprouts

Getting Started

Seeds have arrived

Looking forward to fingers in the dirt!  We expect to pick up some starter cherry tomato plants and pole bean seeds as well.  Hope to break ground in a couple of weeks.