…for us: self sustaining, small footprint, resilience, listening to the land, freedom of choice and teaching our children about consequences, being connected to community, sharing our surplus, growing forward.

spring pageant

Here in zone 6, on the ocean, there have been two weeks of cool, damp days.  The trees and shrubs are happy, with buds ready to burst.  This is the magic time, and with a day or two of sunshine, the apple orchard will be resplendent!

Spring blossoms

Here are photos of the apple orchard, taken April 18th.  With the very warm March weather, we are about three weeks ahead of a “normal” spring.  The buds are currently in the “half inch green” and “tight cluster” stages.

The Quiet of February


The Five Sisters and Two Brothers?

OK, so now we think there are 2 males and 5 females.  The two are slightly bigger (top left two), not necessarily more ornate, but have bit more red on their heads.  Also, they’ve been strutting their puffed-out selves to the girls. I’m hoping we see some babies! Their tails are spread out here as they keep balance walking over the snow. What a show!

Happy New Year

South Portland, Maine

Full Cold Moon, South Portland Maine

Happy Holidays!

Giraffe Family

I’m happy to say that we’re all up and roaming again. Together.


I am turning a Japanese Maple tree into a sculpture, spraying it with Chinese Red oil paint, with lacquer to follow.  The piece will be mounted on a metal bracket attached to the wall.  The roots will be left unpainted and dipped in thinned out lacquer.  While painting, the tree hangs from the roots to allow me easily to turn it while I spray the color.  These photos show the tree after three coats of primer, and then two successive coats of color.  I anticipate several more coats will be needed to reach full color.