“Great Idea”

Debs March 31, 2011We will be transforming this small space into a vegetable and fruit garden in the coming weeks and months.  The land is owned by a beautiful and generous woman who provides child care in our community.  This will be an opportunity for the little ones to learn about how things grow, how to nurture, and how to work together.  More to come!!!

2 Comments on ““Great Idea””

  1. barbara says:

    blessings on the beginnings here. and on the sweet girl who birthed the “great idea” and all else that flows from it……..i feel a pattering in my heart. anticipation. for all that will grow here, and be harvested, and carried to homes all around….you never know what you seed. and therein is the mystery and the majesty…..love from one who loves you and all that you bring to the rich soil inside…..

  2. Annamarie Behring says:

    Very nice idea!

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