Feeding the Chickens

One Comment on “Feeding the Chickens”

  1. barbara says:

    ohhhhhhhh zoo sweet. my heart is Atwirl that you are raising a farm girl. she’s a natural in those boots and stripy tights. i can’t begin to imagine how essential it is for a child to understand early on the equation: we feed the chickens, they feed us. makes for a beautiful world, such back-and-forth caring for each other. in my book, the blessings are bountiful for those who grow up in a world where from the start we learn to tend to each other, to earth. how powerful to love a garden, to scratch its back with a hoe, to massage it with hand-strewn compost, to tuck in ribbons and bows with the seeds and the seedlings we plant, and then to watch that garden give back bouquets and buckets of strawberries and carrots by the bunch and potatoes so sweet we lick the plate. pretty beautiful. your farm girl is heaven-sent.

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