Anger Management

Well, at 2 years old, there seems to be something of a daily roller-coaster ride between cuddling in mama’s arms, and running as fast as she can towards the busy street (despite my screams for her to stop).  Have mercy.  I’ve come to expect the split personality – “no I don’t want that, take it away” followed immediately by “it’s MINE, you cannot have it”.

She is a passionate one, bellowing out her thoughts with such fervor, someone in earshot might think she’s protesting.  Her fury has the same intensity. We’ve started a mini collection of drums and noise makers to go to when we “need to bang” on something. When she is having a moment, I suggest she choose a drum to “bang on until you feel better”.  I act it out sporting a mad face. Between my looking silly impersonating a mad toddler, her feelings being acknowledged, and an outlet being offered, the drums haven’t been needed to diffuse the situation (yet).

One Comment on “Anger Management”

  1. barbara says:

    love the solution. love the narration of life with two-year-old up above……it won’t help in the heat of the moment, but i know you know that that passion/that fury of hers will take her places on this long and winding path called life. it is the mother’s gift — ha! — to get to be the one to take the untamed/unchanneled/raw force and keep it safe, and teach it how to propel…..and, oh, how does anyone survive the twos and the threes and the seventeens and the eighteens…..xoxoxo

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