Rosemary & Garlic Sea Salts

A very gifted culinary friend introduced us to Celtic Sea Salts a while back in Chicago.  We’ve been big fans ever since.  She made several varieties but the rosemary/garlic blend (we call rosie salts) is what we use regularly.  Once per year I purchase a 5 lb bag of the coarse, light grey salt from – about $21.

As needed, I put 3 or so cups of salt in a food processor with 5-6 fresh rosemary sprigs (leaves picked from stem) and 4-5 garlic cloves, smashed with skins removed.  Pulse but do not blend.

You then spread the contents onto a cookie/baking sheet and let air dry overnight as the mixture will be damp. You will pulse salt mixture again the next day, several times.  Let air dry a second night.

According to the source, you may store it in a ceramic or glass container with a loose lid to allow the salts to breathe.  I have a small jar right by stove always filled and ready for cooking.  We use these salts for garlic bread, salads, and in general cooking. The flavor is superb.

3 Comments on “Rosemary & Garlic Sea Salts”

  1. Becca and David – thank you for telling me about the blog. I am coming to live with you. love Laurie

  2. barbara says:

    i am soooo delighted to finally know the secrets behind this MOST amazing sprinkling in life. i’ll get to work pulsing soon as i get me a big bag of celtic…..
    it’s okay to sit out, uncovered? i love that….
    by the way, a nutritionist i recently interviewed for a story is mad for celtic sea salts, especially. filled with essential minerals that can’t be found elsewhere…
    p.s. laurie, i’ll meet you on their front porch. i wanna live there too……

  3. Ladies you are always welcome!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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