Cityscapes for Little People

3 Comments on “Cityscapes for Little People”

  1. Laurie LeBreton says:

    I love this, Becca! I can imagine the conversation with Ella as you did it.

  2. papa d says:

    love that you didn’t write text, just photos. the story is told!

  3. barbara says:

    oh MAN!!!!! this is heavenly. the art. the scenes. the stories. reminds me of a beautiful artiste who came to my house when my little one was little. she came on wednesdays. we called it becca wednesday. those were the richest days in his early years. aluminum foil. uncle david’s purpleheart wood. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo what a blessed little girl, to get to grow up creating these narratives…..against these artful backdrops. i know an architectural uncle who would be diggin this!!!

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