just before dawn

The inspections went well.  The building inspector spent all of five minutes at the house.  The electrical inspector didn’t bother to visit, just gave it a thumbs up.  Marcus, our electrician, explained, “We work closely together.  It was a rainy afternoon, and who feels like going out in the rain?  He knows my work.”

Maybe that is the way things are done here, or maybe our subcontractors are that good.  Anyway, that is his story and I am sticking to it.    Now it is on to the dense-pack cellulose insulation.

2 Comments on “just before dawn”

  1. ann says:

    love the dawn picture…..

  2. bam says:

    the beautiful thing about thumbs. and, i too, love the dawn picture. and the poet builder who brings such beauty to all our homes…..xoxo

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