Sick Day

Amid the popsicles and PBS shows were stabs at identifying where the germs were in our bodies…not the easiest of images to see but do note the “germs” drawn by my four year old on her body tracing in the stomach, hair (!) and head spots. The elbow area is well, just her elbow!

IMG_2181Next we made a picture of what could help us get better.  She suggested a “rainbow salad”.  Below is her bowl full of fruits we drew together. Overall, a nice distraction and opportunity to connect with what is happening in her body and how she can help herself!


2 Comments on “Sick Day”

  1. bam says:

    oh, honeys, so sad to hear that you were sick at your house. but love seeing how once again art was among the first tools you pulled from the get-better box.
    sending wishes for all the germs to scatter away and not come back another day. xoxo

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