Fairy Condos

Adding some pint size (maybe more half-gallon) magic to the property this spring with milk cartons, acrylics, Sharpies, stickers, varnish, sticks and glue gun…

4 Comments on “Fairy Condos”

  1. Heather Misterka says:

    Oh Becca, Your fairy condos are absolutely precious!  What beautiful homes you all made.  I hope you are all well and enjoying the spring. With love, Heather

  2. bam says:

    ohhhhhhhh, honey, this is brilliant and so sparked with magic it makes me want to turn back the pages on my own childhood and grow up in your enchanted woods…..xox

  3. Oma says:

    What a wonderful addition to the garden.I may buy my milk that way and add fairies to
    my yard.Thanks for such a fun idea….

  4. ann says:


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